February 6, 2007 4:46am CST
they r so cute i want one but my father wont allow me please if u have one tell me and i will contact u. hamsters r just like hairy fur ball.....
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• Singapore
16 Oct 08
Yeah, hamsters are very cute mammals! I have one dwarf winter white named Sniffy. He's a male hamster with a HUGE and PINKISH nose! I have no idea whats up with the rudolph-like nose but it's really cute! I just love it when he looks at me with that look, like as if he's saying : " Please take me out to play! " Then I would place my hand in the cage and he would jump into it immediately. His whiskers are twitching all the time. He would sniff every single object he sees. I wonder if he had taken up sniffing as a hobby. Or maybe joined a Paid-to-Sniff website! ( LOL ) He's a really sociable and friendly hamster. He's tame too. He only bit me the first time I held him as he was not used to being handled and was probably frightened. Sniffy has fallen asleep in my hands so many times already! I guess he really enjoys being patted. I've grown so attached to this little mammal already. Ahhh... =) If your father does not allow you to keep a hamster, maybe you could try proving to him that you're responsible enough to own one and will not neglect it. Happy mylotting and good day / night to you!
@NucknFutz (180)
• United States
6 Feb 07
My sister and I both had a hamster when we were young. Recently, we were getting our dog trimmed at the pet shop, and my sister saved a hamster with one eye that was going to be fed to a snake. She kept it, and now she has a hamster. They can be noisy at night, sometimes stink, and if you arent careful, messy. If you take care of them, however, you can keep one with minimal problems. =)