What do you think about him?

February 6, 2007 5:07am CST
What do you think about pat's music? do you like? dislike?do you even know him? If not would you try to listen to one of hes albums or song? -_- i asked to many questions! but i like it ^_^
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• Italy
10 Feb 07
I like his music very much, I have many of his album but, after having listened a dozen (more or less) of them I find them a little ripetitive....
• Israel
15 Feb 07
Did you saw the picaso guitar that hes playing? i dont think thats ripetitive
• Czech Republic
8 May 07
I do not think that this is repetitive, too. But I do not know everything from his music, I must say. - I have downloaded one album and have listened one concert on TV - but really GREAT GREAT concert and there was nothing what could be named "repetitive" among his songs - really wasn't.
@yana0806 (565)
• Philippines
6 Feb 07
Hi! who is pat? I never listen any of his music...
• Israel
10 Feb 07
his a relly great jazz player :) you should try listen to one of his songs there relly good!
• Brazil
1 Jul 07
Personally, I'm unconditional fan of Pat. Not just Pat, but all the PAT METHENY GROUP, in special Lyle Mays. Come to Home is a Lyle's song that played by the PMG makes me cry a lot. lol But talking about Pat's compositions, I really like the new album "The way up". It's a little bit different but it sounds very good. By the way.. My favorite album is Imaginary day. And you? what's your favorite?
• Czech Republic
8 May 07
Two month ago I knew nothing about Pat Metheny and I even didn't know any of his songs. But one night I was working on PC and listening TV. Then some concert started and in few minutes I stopped my work and was only listening this music because it was beautiful. I'm often listening some meditative music when I'm tired or having some problems - but this music had even better influence/impression on me. And so I'm planning to find out and buy or download every Pat's album or song - Now I have downloaded one his album only - Will you recommend some songs or albums to me?
@mflo589 (28)
• United States
11 Apr 07
At first I also found his music repetitive and a little to fusion to me, I'm more into contemporary jazz (Wes Montgomrey, Grant Green, etc..), after a while of listening to it, my jazz group, which i play guitar for, started to play some Metheny pieces (First Circle and Another Life), after learning these songs and getting to perform them I had a new found likeness for Pat Metheny, now i find his music very intriguing, and he really is a great guitarist.