adopting an orphanage

@dubaimt (273)
United Arab Emirates
February 6, 2007 6:27am CST
i was into an orphanage not because i want it, but by mere chance. I was jobless a few months after graduation, and had been wallowing in self-pity when i finally decided to enter this orphanage and render my what i see as useless time for the kids there. and bingo. it hit my heart. i fell in love with the kids that i think a million times why would be left behind. and to tell you, the kids are not the usual, normal ones. these are special bundles of joy that God created. more challenging, more sacrifices, more love need to be given. and from February of 2001 up to now, I have them. keep them. i spent almost a year growing up with these kids, helping them with their every day lives, teaching them how to wash themselves, how to feed themselves, the colors, the trees, and a lot of story telling. they would tell innocent, heart-wrenching stories. they will share their fears, and longings, their dreams. others cant even talk and just talk with their eyes, their smiles, their hugs. when i finally landed in a paying job (since this one with the orphanage i do for free), i still take time to visit them... and then time was less and less.. until only once a year, every christmas. it was nice to see those familiar faces, still remembering me, hugging me. and it is sad too to see that some faces are no longer there --- others to Heaven and others to, I hope, a better home. Now that i am far away from them, i keep them in my heart.. praying that someday a good home will find them, that God will give them what is best, and that someday, I may be able to hug and tell stories with them again.
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