Are you a morning person or a night person?

February 6, 2007 9:12am CST
Are you sleepy in the morning and bursting with life at night or are you the usual awake in the morning and asleep at night?
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@Marie2473 (8517)
• Sweden
16 Apr 07
I am definately a night-person. I hate getting up earlie in the mornings.. I definately like to sleep in and stay awake longer at night.
• Philippines
17 Apr 07
A lot of people feels this way. There seem to be so much to do at night time. I guess it's because day time is usually work time while night time is free and can either be spent for fun or relaxation.
@elisata (569)
• Netherlands
6 Feb 07
we had that discussion last week, Ester, so I don't think it's of much use to start it over again...
• Philippines
22 Feb 07
I've learned about the discussion search button from one of my friends posts belatedly. I wouldn't have posted this had I'd known earlier. I just got to excited posting discussions after joining. Now I use the search button first before posting my new discussions. Ans I actually find it useful as I now have less zero response than earlier in my myLot stay.
@nikhil88 (40)
• India
22 Apr 07
i am a night person i have 2 much energy at night nd feel 2 sleepy nd lousy at night
17 Apr 07
I am a night person and am grumpy in the mornings and not nice to know. Perhaps that is because I stay up to late recently posting on MyLot! Unfortunately, my husband is a morning person. Still he gets the morning things done and I see to any night problems. Like the other night when the dog was not feeling well and our daughter was being sick in the bathroom and my husband knew nothing about it!
@ganwn071 (1117)
• Singapore
16 Apr 07
I am not a morning person; I need about 5 to 6 hours of sleep and will only wake up after 7.30am, nothing earlier than that else will be very tired for the rest of the day and I will look very sleepy, thus could not focus on the things that I am doing. I am more a night person; I do not sleep until it passes midnight every night. I might doze off at 10 of 11 pm but will wake up again, then I will stay up till it past midnight, most of the time, I will spend my time on the net surfing
• Philippines
24 Feb 07
I am a night person. It is so hard to get up in the morning after being tired of doing most of my work at night. I'm pimped up during the evenings.
• Philippines
6 Feb 07
I am definitely a night person because I work at night. But I can easily adjust my body clock if I need to sleep early at night to get up in the morning. Night life for me is a thing of the past. All I learned was to smoke, drink, go clubbing, etc. It was not an ideal one. I am loving myself more and more now and one of the things I promised myself is to avoid vices.