what you know about the new vaccine for hpv?

February 6, 2007 9:55am CST
i know that there is a new vaccine against hpv-papiloma virus-they say that it prevents from some kinds of cancer-what do you know about it-what are the indications and contraindications for this vaccine-what are the side effects?does it real prevents?
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• United States
22 Feb 07
i'm currently being vax'd for it. I had a dysplasia scare a while ago now. I see it as a break thru as it is a shot to prevent the majority of HPV strains that causes cancer. Futhermore, MOST people will get HPV during their lifetimes, so it's not an uncommon thing. The general public is just really uneducated about it. I'd recommend it as there's not many things worse than cancer.
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• United States
1 Mar 07
This is a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer in women. I know they recommend it for younger women over older women. The vaccine is so new - I think they have a lot of information out yet on counterindications.
@ondo1015 (1884)
• Philippines
7 Feb 07
There are many side effects in vaccine. Like Anti TB vaccine that they do to childrens now, look many children have TB now. Maybe they do this for business.