he slept first!

February 6, 2007 11:05am CST
well im a person whose very touchy... and i care a lot for everyone in my life and keep my priorties, thats why i do things in such a way that it shouldnt hurt my lovd ones.... but see i usually prefer wen me n my love go to bed together or nowadays most of the tme hes busy with his work so i sleep with the kids ... but i really feel bad wen he sleeps early on a day when he is having an off, its just 10 pm ,we were watchin a movie for the second to finish it coz of his sleepin and i am still awake and sleeps... its not work tiredness as hes slept for tat already! and well it might seem ia am jealous of him ,but no.... wat do i doo.... i even woke him once and told him movies gettin over ...its only 10pm...but he just got up n switched the movie off n went to sleep, i feel lonely n sad... am i over reacting , expecting too much...
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