Abby & Gibbs - what is their history?

@JJLoa44 (346)
February 6, 2007 11:24am CST
Obviously, Abby sees Gibbs as a kind of father figure and they're close. There's been things hinted at that he may have helped raised her ... it might even be because of him that she's ended up working where she is. There's the sign language thing that has been brought up between them even. What do you think? Could her parents have been ex-NCIS? What exactly is the connection? And do you think they'll ever go into it - I mean, it took how long to go into Gibbs past, but since they've started ...
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@arkaf61 (10881)
• Canada
8 Feb 07
Ive wondered as well. There seems to be a strong connection between those two. I wonder if in future episodes they will finally explore their connection if one indeed exists. Abby is one of my favorites if I can even think of a favorite in a series where each character is so interesting :)
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• United States
7 Feb 07
I have always wondered this. I mean they seem so close and yes he does seem like a father figure to her. I don't understand why they haven't gone into it more deeply and explain this to us. I am sure others are curious as well.