Are ipods taking over the world?

video Ipod - white video ipod
@hoz9991 (306)
February 6, 2007 11:45am CST
Have you got an Mp3 player? What make is it?The Apple Ipod seems to be everywhere. Even I've got one. Apple created and publicised a product that soon became the leading mp3 player and common choice for 57.3% of the market. Not only have ipods seen a huge sales increase since they were introduced to the public but I predict the same will happen with mac computers. Mac computers have been proved to be more reliable, easy to use and more versatile than the bug ridden windows operating services. Besides, macs come in a nicely packed and presented package whereas PCs tend to be ugly in comparison. So is apple going to own the world in the next ten years? Are you prepared to drive an apple brand car??What do you think?H
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