play runescape?

February 6, 2007 1:07pm CST
hello everyone someone here play runescape? i recommend this game so much. so, join RS and tell us about it. if ur allready playing tell us some experience
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@reaperz (1266)
• United States
8 Feb 07
i play it!
• Turkey
10 Feb 07
me to
• United States
10 Feb 07
Yeah, i play runescape too, im a lvl 26 member. What lvl are you guys???? What do you guys prefer on how to make money?? i prefer mining (you can sometimes find uncut diamonds in the rocks, especially uncut sapphire). Plus you can also turn it into gold, silver, e.t.c. Another way by making money is by buying stuff from the shop (i prefer beads because some people dont think its 1 gp and i sell it for more than 500 gp). Oh yeah, and if you see any uncuts, i would prefer buying it from the general store because you can sell that for a lot. My runescape name is WilliamGold6 and u can add me if you want. if im on, you will probably find me in a mining place in a members server, but i can switch to a free server and help u if u need. And do not buy the cut jewels. 1 mpre thing you can do to get lots of $$$ is by fishing because you can catch the lobsters and sell them from about 50-100 gp each!!!.
• United States
14 Feb 07
willG2play. i have something to tell you. if you catch lobsters they sell for 200-260 gp each cooked or rw just to let you know so you wont keep getting ripped of. also mining isnt exactly a profitable skill unless you are making steel bars from it witch sell for 500-600 gp each!! but that counts as smithing. I love runescape and i will always play it. if andrew ever ends it i will go to his house on the other side of the world and personally kill him
• United States
1 Mar 07
Yesunescape, I have been playing runescape for the past 2 years now. I used to have a pure named Last Triumph but that recently got unfairly banned so now I'm usually found on my main account Im_Rich4ever which is a level 65. If your ever looking for someone to talk to feel free to pm me anytime, my private chat is allways left on.
@Kaldo11 (56)
• United States
14 Feb 07
I play runescape too, my account is Lol Ure K0ed Its a member pure, Im training ranged at pc atm -.- Fishing or Woodcutting I think are the best money making skills, but I merchant and stake.
@ashkar (99)
14 Feb 07
i play runescape too.. ive been playing for around 2 years now.. im f2p finished all quests except for prince ali rescue cant be bothered to do that
@Duck_3 (8)
• Slovenia
10 Feb 07
I play runescape too. I am 63 combat and I was member. Its so good game. I was member for a few months. My runescape name is Damons fire, but i got scamed and i play now on other pures.
• Rwanda
10 Feb 07
RuneScape is realy cool game, and i play it very offten. My username is snapy gapi. My best skill is mining. I am level 72 in it. RuneScape has bad graphic, but everything else is realy great. I recomand this game to a lot of people. I dont use autos (the programs that play instead of you), becouse you will get banned.
@Detr47 (96)
• Yemen
7 Feb 07
i play runescape. its the best game ever on the internet and its cheap. WoW u have to download and pay, but rs2 is so much better. my rsn is knight8520 2 if u wanna add me. im lvl 44. wat lvl r u? just curious