What is your favorite episode?

Ellen is so hilarious! - Hilarious!
United States
February 6, 2007 3:53pm CST
What is your favorite episode of the ellen show?? I don't think I have a favorite!! I love all her shows, it's how I start my day everyday. Love to laugh, i even get up and dance!
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@shywolf (4519)
• United States
6 Feb 07
Here in Missouri, at least where I live, Ellen's show airs in the middle of the afternoon, so I don't get to start my day by watching her, lol. In fact, her show just went off the air just now as I was typing this!*laugh* I love her show and her sense of humor, though. i watched her chat show every single day that I could when it first came out. I loved it when she did the musical episode where they had Broadway style songs about some of the things that went on. I also loved it when she bought that potato chip with the face on it from Ebay and made such a big deal out of it for like weeks. That was really cute. I haven't been watching her show as much lately, though. But I think that Ellen is just great! ^_^
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• United States
7 Feb 07
Well, I tivo it, so I watch the old one the next morning while i'm getting out of bed and getting dressed. I loved that too!
@CatEyes (2448)
• United States
9 Feb 07
I watch her every once in a while. Funny thing is, I am related to her on my mothers side. She used to come to the family reunions, until she got famous and now has nothing to do with us. Kinda funny what fame and money will do to a person. Oh well.
• United States
11 Feb 07
Wow?! Really? That is funny, that happens!
@choyzee (32)
• Philippines
12 Jun 08
Well, it's really hard to choose because her show is always awesome. Never boring. But let me see... Of course, I love the episode when she guested Charice Pempengco. I really felt proud to be a Filipino that time. Also, I love her interview with Jackie Chan. He's so hilarious! :D
@taylorblue (1286)
• Canada
13 Aug 07
I love every show...but ones with Leah Remini and That girl from Gilmore Girls is when it is the funniest.
@kgs_mommy (260)
• United States
9 Feb 07
All her episodes are good. Right now, my favorite one is when she called the elderly lady for the first time. I can't think of her name, but she said, "Ya know Ellen, I love God, but I drink a little!" I couldn't stop laughing! And then seeing Ellen laugh so hard made me laugh even harder! She is just so sweet! She has really blown up lately and I love it!