Jaden Cornelious v Josh Groban?

October 11, 2006 11:37am CST
www.jadencorneliuos.com Classical Star Jaden Cornelious might be better known to some for his time with 90's pop band B-Yond but for the North Devon based singer it's a much different style he's hoping will shoot him back into the world of music. The merging of pop and classical music has been seen before with such people as Nigel Kennedy, Charlotte Church and Vanessa Mae. But it's more unique to see a pop star, a quarter of a 90s boy band, taking to the stage as a classical opera singer. That's what you see with Jaden Cornelious, who's looking to become a sensation with a new career, starting in North Devon, after once turning his back on music. "I'd been singing for seven years and I got a bit fed up of the industry and wanted some time out which was why I moved to the Westcountry," said Jaden, who runs care homes for people with learning disabilities. "After five years without singing and without the influence that I'd been used to my whole adult life, something hit me. "I don't want to sound corny because I'm not a corny person, but I didn't feel like I was living, I was just existing. I had to bring back into my life the things that used to fire me and singing and music was a main part of that." So came about a big change, moving from rented accommodation gave him some more financial security, even if it did mean living in a freezing static caravan in the middle of winter. As well as the surroundings his musical talents found a new outlet thanks to the new breed of classics-to-the-masses acts. "I started taking singing lessons doing opera, something I'd never thought about before," said Jaden. "I saw Il Divo on the Royal Variety Performance and they were singing a song in Spanish and it was amazing. I thought, 'I'll give that a go' and I love it now." When an artist lists Josh Groban, Pussycat Dolls, and Il Divo all in the same answer to his favourite bands you know he has varied music tastes. "As long as it's good music and it's inspiring and something that I can tap my foot to, sing along to or be moved by then it's my bag," said Jaden. "I don't have any particular likes, I listen and enjoy music in all its varieties." Of course, liking music and singing it are two different things. "The actual crossover has been difficult vocally, I've got to sound butch and grown up now," admitted Jaden. "Before I could flit about and do my little dances and sing however I wanted but now I have to be more serious. "I love singing it, I wanted to get into opera but you have to be in supreme condition, the breathing, the sounds you have to make and the faces you have to pull to get those sounds is quite intense." Thankfully Jaden has found a group of people in North Devon who can help him achieve his goals and also make sure he doesn't have to leave an area of the country he loves. "It was luck that I stumbled across people and they were so supportive," said Jaden, who is training with American opera singing coach Bonnie Bradley Bailey. He has also been working in the studio with Richard Tattersall at Richard's Recording Room in Bideford. I live in North Devon because I think it's absolutely stunning and I would never want to leave, it's amazing and inspiring, there's a great local network of musicians and singers. "The amount of talent down here is phenomenal and it ticks me off when people say, 'if you want to make it you have to move to London' I don't see with modern technology why I should have to." For Jaden, the one starstruck moment came when he was working with Bill Lawrie, brother of Lulu, giving him the chance to impress one of his musical heroes by singing one of her songs. "We did a big gig in East London and she popped in with her son and a guy called Kavanah," explained Jaden. "She only had five minutes because she had a cab outside and had an appointment but we weren't on yet and her song was halfway through the set. "She stayed as long as she could and a couple songs in she got up and walked out and we thought 'oh no, she doesn't like what we sound like'. "Then she came back and brought her cabbie up, sat cross legged on the dusty warehouse floor right in front of me and listened to the whole set. She loved it and was really complimentary!" Now the future may hold more compliments as he pushes forward, gaining local, and hopefully soon, national recognition. "I want to carry on what I'm doing but on a bigger scale, recording fantastic material with amazing writers and producers and making a living from that. "If anyone reading this are budding singers or songwriters and have any music they think will take classical to the next edge, classical with a bit of a twist then get hold of my website! "I love classical music but I'd like to be doing something a little bit different."
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