Could you tell me about your country culture?

February 6, 2007 6:50pm CST
The Indian culture has enjoyed an international reputation for the brass and bell metal work. The technology of metalworking had been entrenched in the Indian Culture by 2500 B.C. This technology then was manifested in myriad exquisite and sturdy images and icons. These images and icons are still found in temples. They are still being produced in household niches such as lamps, platters and other items required for acts of worship. The metals being used for these products are mostly gold, silver, copper, brass, bronze, and other mixed metals and alloys. Infact the world-famous dancing figure of Nataraja, which is a strong element of the Indian Culture, is a work in the Chola tradition. This piece of art epitomizes the achievement of art in the Indian Culture. In fact an even more remarkable fact is that most of the everyday household equipments that people in India use are art objects. The simplest of equipments ranging from the kitchen ladle, to the nutcracker, the water-pot, are all perfect examples of the artistic bend in the Indian Culture. In fact even the simple water-pot takes on a myriad forms and shapes. Some of them even have embossed borders. Woodcraft has a variety of ranges, ranging from select temple craftsmen to makers of bullock-carts or statues. The unassuming and fragile earthen pottery holds a rich tradition in India. In a majority of the States, the potter fashions clay into pots, jars, tumblers and platters of myriad shapes, some of which are ornamental and some of which are useful. But in the time of the rains, the village potter's wheel remains idle. Ivory is yet another special material which has been used by the Indian craftsmen to produce lace-like texture, fashioning delicate icons to combs, necklaces to bedsteads. The skills of the Indian craftsmen are such that they can work pith to the same degree of perfection. In fact the jewelry and trinkets in made in India till date shows a great amount of continuity with the ancient Indian Culture.
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• India
9 Mar 07
well it is a big topic ,as globe has many countries with much diversity what ever you r telling about your country i think it is just a bird eyes view
• India
10 Mar 07
For each country it is having their culture .