@jrk0624 (406)
United States
October 11, 2006 12:03pm CST
anyone know any good jokes? we wanna hear them.
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@shilpi (390)
• India
13 Oct 06
a drunk man was walking along the beach and he came across a crowd of holy men.( of which he did not know who they were.) a holy man approaches the drunk and ask`s him have you seen jesus my friend. the drunk says no. the holy man said do you want to find jesus ,the drunk man says yes ,so the holy man puts the drunk`s head under the water and pulls him up and ask`s my friend have you seen jesus ,the drunk said no,so the holy man puts his head under the water for a while longer pull`s his head back up and said to the drunk HAVE you seen jesus and the drunk said are you sure this is where he fell in.