Climate Change

United States
February 6, 2007 9:12pm CST
Related to Global Warming is the problem of severe change in our climate. It certainly stands to reason that when suffering an infection first you may run a fever and then you might also suffer from the chills. Every living thing can experience this from time to time. What makes our world any different? Are we the cancer to our world? Are we the infection? Or are we going to help life survive in a universe that is so vast and full of potential, as we are the captains of our own ship floating in the heavens among many stars on a journey... And the quest begins... First we must heal our planet, or ride out the terrible infection that humanity has created. Many things will change, some will be rapid responses, while some responses will be slow and gradual. Hang on... Life is going to be difficult to say the least... Who knows how high the oceans can rise? Nasa, proffessors at MIT... If people think they can't know the answers then they will find out as things change what exactly they could have known if they really studied the problem. 16' + 16' = 32' I understand this equation, and it seems that many people think it might be a joke, I don't know if this equation is true, but if it is, there is a lot of problems about to strike out around the globe. Far be it from me to be the voice of truth... I listen and if what I heard is true, we have some major problem about to strike real quickly... Think about all the implications, salinity, atmospheric changes, agricultural changes, an ice age, global warming will be the cause, the frigid result will be the purging of the infection, if it doesn't kill you... We could be turning the planet into the bitter cold dust ball an end to life as we know it...
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