What will I do?

February 6, 2007 9:28pm CST
My mind right now is very confused..Confused for all almost everything..I have a boyfriend, we've been together for about 8 months now..but my love for him now is questionable.i really don't know why....its been 3 weeks that i am thinking of my ex boyfriend..we are far from each other now but still i cant forget him..sometimes his face will pump up in my head...sounds stupid...i don't know what to do..last night we talked by a phone for about 30mins. That's the first time that i talked to him since we got separated and it was a year ago.. i really don't know what to do..please help me...what will i do now???
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7 Feb 07
You have to consider why you parted in the first place. You didn't give us any info on that. So, was he bad to you? Were you bad for him? Did you two get along? Was it just wrong place, wrong time? Were you more in love with him than you are with your present boyfriend? What do you want for your future, and how do you see each man fitting into that picture? Also, you need to tell your present boyfriend how you are feeling and decide if you two need to seperate for a brief period, or possibly for good. Questioning your love isn't always a bad thing. You could find out you just need to have a good talk with him, let things mature, and fall in love all over again.