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February 6, 2007 9:59pm CST
How do you deal with stress?
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7 Feb 07
Stress is something that is really a state of mind that can destroy your health. Give me a chance here to get my point across. Trust me I know all about stress. Here's the deal and this is how I deal with it personally. Talk to God and ask for understanding in your prayers then......... 1) Change your perspective on things. (EX. Focus on solutions instead of the problem itself. Problems weigh you down but solutions pull you up. So if something is not right and you view it as a problem evaluate the situation and then begin to strategize so you can pull yourself out.) The last place you want to be is in that rut where you feel there is no way out. 2) Count your blessings don't allow your have nots to out weigh what you have. 3)Humble yourself, work on patience, because impatience and anxiety are a major factor when it comes to stress. I hope this helps you out. Try it because it helps me a lot. I actually have written it down and carried it with me for a month straight . It really works if you really apply it. Good Luck!
• United States
7 Feb 07
Hi! I deal with stress by manipulating my stress ball. Do you have a stress ball? It's a squeegy ball that is like rubber that doesn't distort whatever you do with it. You can even throw it against the wall! Once I get tired of the ball, I would then either invite my friends over or hang out with them for a while outside. We could also watch a nice movie. There are many things to do in order to get 'de-stressed'. How about you?
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@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
9 Feb 07
Stress is one of those things in life that I wish I could live without. I don't like getting stressed out over things & I'd much rather spend my time relaxing than being stressed. Unfortunately, life is too stressful for me and sometimes I just want to get away from it all. There's been times where I've gotten completely frustrated over something and I've wanted nothing more than to take a trip somewhere to get out of this place and find something to take my mind off of it. I think one of the best things to take away the stress for me is a nice warm bubble bath. Sure, there are times where I'm so stressed a bath will do nothing for me, but other times it will completely heal my frazzled nerves. Put on some soft music & fill the tub with bubbles & I'm in relaxation heaven. That's just what I need when I'm stressed out beyond belief. Another thing that does me good is a massage. I know when my legs are killing me or my back /neck hurts I can always ask my other half to give it a good rub for me. He usually knows how to get the kinks rubbed out of my legs or my back & it'll leave my muscles in not as much pain as they were. Sometimes though, no amount of massaging does the trick at all but at least when my other half rubs my legs in these instances while he's rubbing them they feel better. I find sometimes just spending some time laying on the bed snuggled up with my puppy & my other half does the trick as well for dealing with the stress I go through. It's not enough to take it away for a long period of time, but for a while my body will feel alright. I wish there was a way to just snap my fingers & all the stress would disappear from my body and my life. If I need a quick cure for stress & I'm all alone I'll put some of my favorite artists/bands music in the CD player & listen to some of their music. I know my favorite band's music is usually able to relax me more than anything though. They're the one band that can calm me down if I'm frustrated & need help to soothe my nerves. I've always found that they can stir many different emotions within me & there's nothing wrong with that in my opinion. So, in conclusion, these are a few of the ways that I deal with stress. Whether it be a massage, a soak in the tub or a quiet snuggle with the man I love...they all seem to help me de-stress & feel better. They may only take the feeling of stress away for a few moments, but sometimes that's all I need. Thanks for allowing me to share! xx
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8 Feb 07
What kind of stress? Money stress? I sit down and figure out what I've got and what I need, on a piece of paper. I keep notebooks handy all the time to write down ideas, keep my various lists. Relationship stress? Talking to someone helps you see other perspectives on a problem. Health stress? Find out all you can on the subject, then deal with the doctors, pharmacists, etc as best you know how. Overworked and underpaid? That happens a lot, and I try to do my personal stressed-out favorites, get a good book and read it, take a walk and do some gardening, watch a movie, anything to get my mind off the subject for a short while. When I can get my mind calm again, I can usually find answers. I love classical music, and I put it on whenever I feel stressed, and go around doing my housework! Keeping my hands busy helps me a lot. Hope some of the great ideas I've read here from others help you.
@hh9905 (1275)
• Malaysia
7 Feb 07
During my teen years, I usually shout as loud as i could, but only to my pillow. However nowadays, when i feel stress, i'll talk to my husband and let everything out. He's a very good listener and looking at him made me feel so soothing. Also, i'll pray to God. It makes my soul feel more peaceful and have faith that whatever that's making me feel stress will soon be over. After that, I will then take my exercise ball and start to do some exercise especially bouncing on the ball. It gives me great relief too. Besides, i can tone down my body a little bit. Take it positively, a stress can also bring good to my body system and stimulate my mind at the same time.