Flea Markets

@jhrcsr (349)
United States
February 6, 2007 10:03pm CST
I sell antiques and collectibles, books, linenes and jewelry at flea markets, antique and collectible shows throughout the year. I am gearing up for the spring season and would like opinions please. I have a basic inventory that includes antique and collectible glass items, primitives, books, linens and jewelry. I always try to supplement my inventory with some new items (that I purchase wholesale) at reasonable pricing structures so that I have a well rounded booth. We are considering some items for the new merchandise and I would like to ask your opinions of what you feel would attract you to our booth if you were to go to that market. 1. new small home decor items - roosters, americana, apples, etc. In wood and metal. These items would range from 2.00 and up to a max of about 10.00. 2. reproduction itmes - items that look antique but are made by a new company so that the pricing can be lower. Some people refer to items such as I am looking at as Country decor. Most I can get to where I can start selling prices around 5.00 and then go up from there. 3. laser cut crystals, fiber optic items and gadgets - these have light up bases or light up themselves. Small lasers would have to sell for at least 12.00 (including the base with the laser) then go up from there. 4. craft items - handmade crocheted items such as baby blankets, potholders, towel angels, etc. which I have a wholesale outlet available to purchase from. These items would range from 5 - 10.00 US 5. any other ideas that you search for at these type of markets. What items would that be and how much would you be willing to pay on average for that item? I really do appreciate any input you can provide! I need to get this finalized within the next two weeks to have inventory ordered and shipped to me in time for the first market of the season. Thanks!!!
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