IBM and Intel controversy

February 7, 2007 12:48am CST
Intel and IBM launching the 45nm transistor technology using the same tech terms like High-K Metal gate might be misleading to most people in thinking that they partnered in developing this technology. IBM has been long leading in the process technology innovations but closely followed by Intel. However, in 2003 Intel took a step ahead in planning for the 45nm in a different approach. Instead of the regular poly-silicon gate with silicon di-oxide insulation between the gate and channel in the transistor, they chose to use hafnium based compound that has higher dielectric constant (K) for the insulator and a metal gate to reduce the leakage currents at 45nm. This was an epic in the transistor process technology in enabling smaller feature sizes of the transistor. Till recently, IBM did not have any disclosures of the 45nm. When Intel had released its 45nm SRAM test vehicle chips that are fully functional, 3 months latter, IBM partnering with AMD launched the same. There are no working sample demos given by the IBM though. Its a press update that was given. So the war of giants had taken an ugly turn when AMD/IBM announced the 45nm to intervene into the triumphant Intel's announcement of working Penrynn processor sample. After a few days of IBM drafting the Intel's press releases with its own releases, it announced the production of 45nm in 2h 2008. The major manufacturing doubt still remains in the sense that AMD/IBM's SOI at 45nm is a much costlier process as compared to the Intel's manufacturing process. The WAR is ON...
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