Let's hear yout cat rescue stories...

@Bee1955 (3882)
United States
February 7, 2007 1:19am CST
I have 4 cats whom I rescued as strays - 3 decided to join me on their own and the third was dumped in the woods and friends gave him to me. I've had animal shelter ones in the past, but mostly I find the strays - sickly, scared and whimpering. If I have too many outside the number 4 I limitedf myself on, I give them to a no-kill shelter or human society. What have you rescued?
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@wrdsofwisdm (1069)
• United States
7 Feb 07
I have one cat that my cousin found and asked me to take care of for one week..that was in 1999 and she still hasn't come to pick him up, lol. A feral cat had babies in a bush next to my patio a few years back. I fed them for 5 months and let them come into my house. I wanted to build some trust with them before attempting to capture and rescue. I then called my veterinarian to see how much it would cost to have them neutered and spayed plus rabies shots. I also called a place we have here that is a facility for housing cats and dogs. They also have their own cable station where they introduce the animals to prospective owners. They never kill any animals they take in also. When the kittens turned 6 months, I had them come in and shut the patio door so I could trap them and take them to the animal hospital. After their shots and getting them fixed, I brought them home and put them in a huge animal carrier with blankets, in my room. I have 2 cats and a labrador retriever, so I had to keep the cats separated. The lady at the facility called and said they were full and couldn't take the 3 little ones for 5 weeks. So the kitties slept in my room and I tamed them. I grew attached but knew I didn't have room for them. Every day when I came home from work, I would open the door to my room and there they were..3 little fluff balls in a straight line looking up at me with their heads tilted to one side...so cute. It was a sad day when I had to bring them to the facility. I stayed strong and gave the facility all of their little toys and blankets. Then when I came home and opened that door...I cried. What can I say...I'm a big mush ball.
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• United States
9 Feb 07
I am very tried at the moment, but your story has teached my heart. NO, YOUR NOT A BIG MUSH.....YOUR KINDNESS AND YOUR HEART TELL ME, you love life, your fond teeny-weeny kitties and you Love life.. Your kindness in helping those kittens was repaid, every times you came home from work. You had a great love for your childrens deep affection. You did not abandoned them nor desert them. Being special for all you did, you shed tears young lady. You realized an empty house lacking deep affection, compassion, kindness, concern, is what you cherished and hold dear. You thought the world of those kittens, as you became there foster mom. Unconditional Love from your children. Now that is few and far between, Beyond compare if you ask me. Your exceptional, beyond comparision, wonderful and awe-inspiring, you sumptuous sweetie.
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