why celebrate valentine?

February 7, 2007 1:50am CST
Many people are anticipating Valentine celebration on 14 this month as the LOVER'S DAY.. can't people show love to their loved ones all days in a year?.....
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• India
8 Feb 07
yes i dont think that there should be a perticular day reserved to show your love. love is such a wonderfull feeling that is everlasting and evergreen. if you love someone you must feel the love at every single moment of your life. may be sometimes you are concious about that or may be sometimes it is in your sub- concious mind, but its sure that love is allways there. the reason behind celebrating Valentine day is to pay respect to the priest who went against the royal orders and got the loving couples married. but i dont think that its necessory to do something special for your beloved one at that perticular day. if you love someone love her/him 24*7*365.
• India
8 Feb 07
We all care for our loved ones, but Valentine's day is something special and the whole world celebrates it with equal enthusiam. I don't see anything wrong. If people think like that then there should not be any festival and not even a New year celebraton. Valentine's day itself signifies that people should love each other and I think i just a reminder for all of us.
@Willowlady (10666)
• United States
7 Feb 07
I would agree that we should feel love on a daily basis. Valentines it the opportunity to make it special. This all springs from the story of the priest that married people despite the church saying NO NO. They caught him and killed him. Great guy to marry those that wished it at a hard time in history. So Valentines Day honors him too. It has gone too commerical. You have the control to treat it s the type of day that it deserves.