how to impress girsls

February 7, 2007 1:56am CST
can anyone give suggestions how to impress girls and what they really want from guys..
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• China
12 Feb 07
Thanks for this.I also want to know.
@huanghaozi (1474)
• Egypt
12 Feb 07
1) Make them laugh, but please no stupid jokes 2) Make them feel comfortable around you 3) Don't say anything rude that might hurt them 4) Know how to have a good time being yourself 5) Be confident in yourself, or don't even bother going out on a date at all 6) Respect her view 7) Don't try to be something you're not since it's gonna bite you in the butt
@ssh123 (31096)
• India
7 Feb 07
YOu should not go out to impress them. They can make out your acrobatic moves. Instead be natural (no artificial show offs), be kind (genuinely helpful), be honest (in intentions), be straightforward (frank and not cheating and be prepared to tell a girl that you like, if you genuinely like her). Things may work easier and better.
@xiayifeng (560)
• China
7 Feb 07
I think you should do what you used to.I mean that if you are a kind person,every girl will be interested in you.But you give her a deep impress if you do a kind person do and in fact,you don't always do it. Good manner and your preference are also very important!