Bill Gates could declare himself the king of the world!

@sharone74 (4838)
United States
February 7, 2007 7:48am CST
If Bill gates wanted to become the biggest techno terrorist ever tomorrow, do you realize that he could and no one could oppose him? Years ago when I noted the pervasiveness of the Microsoft operating systems worldwide, it made me a little uncomfortable. By the time Windows 98 spread throughout the techno-based world economy, it bacame clear to me: Bill Gates has quite a stranglehold on the entire computing world. If your computer these days is not a Mac but a pc and even if you have hopped on the bandwagon of the Sun Microsystems operating system and thus are not part of the Bill Gates computer worshiping crowd. Even so if he loaded a command into every Windows installation through the software itself or from Microsoft Windows updates he could seize control ofjust about every pc on the planet from teh electric company, to financial institutions, to world governments offices and support staffs, all of them either operate on Windows based Operating systems or must include a Windows integrated platform in order to een use the web at all. Every thing on the internet has been built and coded for use with Windows based operating programs. In short if he wanted to name himslef Grand Poobah of the Universe he has the power to make everyone to whatever he proposed. How could anyone fight him without their computer systems? We have the makings of a dictator in Mr. Gates and we are all living in the auspices of his goodwill.Though he probably is not sitting around plotting to take over the civilized world, isn't it chilling to know that if he wanted to he really could?
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@dragutelu (216)
• Romania
7 Feb 07
yes ..he have the most powerful arm : money
@sharone74 (4838)
• United States
9 Feb 07
Not only that but there is no major business or organization that doesn't use Windows so he could do just about anything to anyone he wanted to.
@Baddie (47)
• India
7 Feb 07
He is King, he revolutionized the world, he gave opprotunity to ppls, i belive after many years like 500 Bill gates would be count among Gods, :))he has been great mayn. History will worship Bill Gates, i'm sure