do u hate telugu..??itz to _itz jus unblivable lang..all othr lang is jus cool.!

@sapya123 (129)
February 7, 2007 8:07am CST
i jus hate telugu an other south language ,,,,itz jus boring an something like i jus cant belive .. i never thought der wil b some language like it...
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• India
29 Apr 09
why did you say that?. telugu is a good language in the world. I am a telugu man. we can discuss absolutly and plesent. Telugu is plesent langauge.
• Finland
30 Jun 09
I think telugu is a good language to speak, but if you hate it I think you've heard it from some people who are really low in class. Yes they do speak in an extremely annoying way and you can easily get angered and feel the hatred for the language. Since most people in Andhra have a low social stature you are bound to feel the hatred for the language, but trust me when spoken in a good style it sounds awesome. Watch any Nagarjuna movie (like Siva) where his diction is very stylish. Ram
• India
12 May 07
dear friend i can't understand why you hate Telugu language that much even though u know or don't know you can't hate any language in the world because our Telugu language is stated in 12 th century and so many great people followed even Britisher's also if you see about Tamil it is existing before Christ. you can express any feeling in Telugu word that you may not have in English or any other language before you hate anything try to know completely and then give your opinion
• India
11 Jun 07
Correctly said bro. U cant just hate a language bcoz u just dont understand it... There must be some valid reason that u hate some language... n there s nothin werid about ne language... Its just wat it is... n trust me wen i say... It sounds soo sweet wen pronounced properly... n ya... as krishna told u can express ne emotion in telugu... Its the next highest spoken language to hindi in India... So be careful wen u post something of this kinda stuff...
@dihearted (2688)
• India
7 Feb 07
i dont hate any language from india.... thats bcoz u r just unknown to it thats why u think that way abt that language.... but u must watch telgu movies i suggest yu.. they r awsome ... i like the telgu movie arya...
@sapya123 (129)
• China
7 Feb 07
even i like but may i feel dat jus coz of ppl here..!! da way they speak they r scolding da one who is in frnt mite b coz dat...really i too luv watching telugu movies though i dont understand
• India
13 Mar 12
I dnt know where u r 4m. It might be lack of ur knowledge or jealous of Telugu. It is the only language in the world with all syllables It is the sweetest language as referred by Rabindranath Tagore and one of the 4 classical languages in India. It is also called as "Italian of the East" It is the 2nd largest spoken language in India.
• India
6 Oct 07
hey frnd dont say like that it is very nice language and no language wont be bad any time i think u didnt observe much it is very sweet also
@apsara60 (6611)
• Israel
19 Feb 07
I am north indian, and let me tell you something. Its people like you who spread hatred openly and directly and are cause of religious diffrences and racism. How would you feel if someone will say the same about your language. I don't understand Telugu, I have heard it. but I will never say that I hate it . You must always think about those people who are Telgu and are connected to this language. If you cannot make someone happy in life , atleast don't make him sad.....what did you get by hurting so many south indian people. I am sure you must be enjoying south india food , now don't tell me you never eat masala dosa, or idle sambar.........what do you have to say now...why start such discussion which make people unhappy.
@naren152 (46)
• India
16 Feb 07
i dont know on which basis you got such an impression. there will never be anything weird about any language. its all in whether you understand it or not.Every language has got its own beauty. try to learn it,and enjoy the feel.