Gary Glitter, Child Molester Gets Sentenced Reduced? Shame on the countries.

@CRiley27 (984)
United States
February 7, 2007 10:15am CST
That sick child molester gets his sentenced reduced as part of a "Lunar New Year Amnesty" in Vietnam. He served half of his jail time when he was convicted in Britan in 1999. For some reason he was expelled from Cambodiain 2002. What is the next country that molester is going to try? Hopefully the next country he commits his sick crimes in, puts him away for a long time. Shame on the other countries for "taking it easy" on him and reducing his time. I guess Cambodia had enough smarts to expell him (For what-ever reason) Your thoughts?
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• United States
7 Feb 07
I saw a news program on this puke! He literally made my skin crawl. To grant him ANY type of amnesty is ludacris. Sad to think that a country that most consider "third world" and under educated, etc. has the most amount of brains to take care of those that hurt others. If THAT is 3rd world, I'm thinking I'd like to become a third world country where at least creeps like him aren't roaming the streets and preying!
@astroo13 (964)
• India
7 Feb 07
They have to put an end to this deportation of Pedophiles from one country to another. What are these authorities thinking? We all know what happened when Priest accused of child abuse were transferred from one place to another.These people should be tried in court,if convicted put in prison for life.By deporting these people you are endangering the lives of numerous children.