A friend of mine want's to have a rhinoplasty (nose job).Should he really do it?

February 7, 2007 10:42am CST
Anybody done this? He is a bit scared of the pain and results. Should he really do it? What's your opinion?
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• India
24 Jun 10
Well it depends upon the reason to do so. If there is some deformity or problem in breathing through nose then he has do it. Nose and chin are the most important profile of the face and we should not hesitate if there is a chance to improve our looks. Only we should be aware of all the pro and cons of the procedure. I will suggest that you should get more info on Rhinoplasty or nose job and then go ahead. I have found a useful site which has lot of info on Rhinoplasty and you also can have a look at it: http://www.plasticsurgeryace.com/category/rhinoplasty.
• Romania
7 Feb 07
I haven't done it so i can't post an opinion of the matter. However, if the doctors were recommending this type of operation he should do it, else what's the point - aesthetic reasons? Any type of operation would induce a certain amount of fear. Best of luck to your friend if he decides to have the operation.