February 7, 2007 1:34pm CST
Unix is OS different. please tell me about me about another say about UNIX
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27 Jul 07
First of all I totally disagree that UNIX is OS different. Well let me explain! UNIX is considered to be an interface of the OS and kernel is the face of the OS which responds to the users commands given in shell or IPC. These shell commands help user to communicate with the kernel to give the user the desired results.The IPC known as Inter Process Communication which implies that it handles the inner process of the kernel to derive optimum utilization of the CPU.As it is known that UNIX is known for scheduling and multitasking which is the job of the IPC it prioritizes the jobs or functions that the kernel has to execute and does so according to the size and tinme to be taken by a particular task or job. Thus,UNIX is all about optimizing,increasing the efficiency of the OS and enhancing its thru put time for maximum utilization of the OS.
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4 Apr 07
i don get u...u mean to ask something more about UNIX? its an open source OS where you can see the source codes kinda stuff. Its fast emerging these days. It is more user friendly and is useful for developers in the software industry