Do any of you have any have co-workers that are driving you crazy ?

@lynninky (491)
United States
February 7, 2007 2:49pm CST
My husbands co-worker is driving the whole crew crazy. They say for the last three months all he has talked about is getting him a new truck.He also goes on about his 800.00 house payment that he is afraid he will not be able to pay if he was to lose a job for some reason.Some all he talks about everyday is his payments, worries all the time about the mines they work for mining out/ being sold causing job loss, and that he wants a new truck. They have called around trying to find him a good deAL SO THAT HE CAN GET ONE BUT HE NEVER BUYS IT. So does any one else have a co-worker that bugs you in any way ? Does anyone know how to help this person ? Share your story...
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@racheld (840)
• United States
9 May 07
Where do I begin with the co-workers that are driving me crazy?? Lets see, first there is a middle-aged woman who says some of the most incosiderate things imaginable. She never lets anyone speak and she constantly talks over everyone to get her point across. She can be so rude its unbelievable. She is one of those peole that think they know everything and they insist they are never wrong. She's such a witch. Then there is the younger co-worker whos in her early twenties who constantly comes in talking about how drunk she got the night before. She doesn't dress appropriate, she doesn't care about her work and I can't really see why she's still working there. The last but not least there is this older woman in her nineties (not an exaggeration) who constantly needs to be in everyones business. She has the most annoying voice in the world and she spends all day long talking on the phone. I seriously can't wait to quit this job but until I'm done with my college courses, I don't have an option. :(
@wmg2006 (5383)
• United States
17 Mar 07
Most all of my co-workers drive me crazy with their odd ways. We did a have one exactly like the one you are describing, but it was a female. She was always on a dramatic trip about something. When she was up she was irritating, when she was down she tried to bring the whole office down. You never knew what mood she would be in and it made it so hard to work with her. She was either bragging about everything she had or whining about what she didn't have. She would cry for help and others would try to help her but she never really wanted their help she wanted the attention. I think that is what this guy wants to, he needs attention and this is his way of getting it. I am very quiet at work about my personal life, I just want to do my work and have a nice pleasant day. There are many people who use their work place as if it is the same as their personal hang-out. There is no way to help someone like this. I find being quiet and letting them go at it is the best way to cope. Just think about other stuff when they are ranting or bragging. I think there will always be a problemed co-worker no matter where you work.