Why Ronaldo will never be a United Legend

February 7, 2007 4:48pm CST
Ronaldo will never be a United Legend because he is not 100% commited to the club. Even after a bust up with his team mate at the world cup he was already using it as an excuse for a potential move to Spain. United Legends are those who have been 100% commited to the club and have not spoken about leaving the club for pastures new. They saw their opportunity to become legends with fans and will forever remain in the hearts of all supporters. How can a real United fan consider a player that has said he could leave and wants to play in Spain a legend?Ronaldo wont be at United for much longer, because he doesn't think United is the best club to be at. As a United supporter i would love to see Ronaldo stay at the club as he's a great player, but only if he himself wants to stay. United fans don't like seeing players pull on the red shirt when deep down they wish they were playing for someone else. If he ever pushes for a move then SAF should sell him to the highest bidder. I personally think that he could be sold in the Summer, if not at the latest the summer of 2008 as there is no way Utd will let a player of his calibre run a contract down to less than 2 years. It would seriously affect a potentially worldbreaking transfer fee otherwise. Ronaldo will never be a United Legend because he wont be at the club long enough to establish himself as a true red. Look at players like Robbo, Bruce, Cantona, Beckham, Giggs, Neville, Keane, Rooney, Ole to name a few recent stars. Have you ever seen Ronaldo put in the same effort and determination in games as these players did/do? I haven't. Deep down i think all Utd fans know that given the opportunity to remain at Utd or play in Spain, he would choose Spain. I hope i'm wrong in what i say, as it will be great to boast a player who i think will be named world player of the year nest time round. That could attract more great players to United.
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10 Feb 07
Hmm....i find u quite right till noe but dere are times wen hez done a lot for da club...evry man huz in power his mind wavers but he himself knws tht united is the best club for him.....i think if he gets transferrd da onli thing tht will happen 2 him is his career going sloppy...people hu hav left man u hav a very bad future look at Becks and Nistelrooy fer examples.......if he stays wid da club long enuff he might get truly attached 2 it..... da udder prob wid him not being cumpl8ly attached 2 da club might be bcoz he has a home in portugal and its sumthin foreign fer him....wat do u say???
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12 Feb 07
Well U are right But wat can we do if he wants to move we will be paid , say 50 M atleast which will be the world record signin I really wish that he says but , wat if he goes to barca at this point of time , we cant find a replacement to him
@meterate (109)
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4 Mar 07
may be he will or he will never but at present he is doing fine he is a hi fi player his motive might be fame and glory or money whi knows it takes more than skill and talent to become a legend also devotion ronaldo might be lacking in some aspects