Laguna B*tches Brooklyn Bound

Laguna B*tches Brooklyn Bound - Laguna B*tches Brooklyn Bound Laguna B*tches Brooklyn Bound Laguna B*tches Brooklyn Bound
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February 7, 2007 6:38pm CST
After filming the beautiful beaches of the Orange County in Laguna Beach and the exotic tropics of Hawaii in Maui Fever, MTV is gearing up to do a show about the lives of teenagers in glamorous...Ft. Green, Brooklyn? According to the Brooklyn Tech High School website, MTV is now casting at their school to do a pilot for a new reality show, called Brooklyn, based on the lives of the school's gifted and talented sophomore and junior hipsters. Apparently they're unconcerned about the criticisms aimed at MTV's depictions of party life in Hawaii in Maui Fever or of the shallow materialistic teens in Laguna Beach. In fact, they seem sweetly naïve in how MTV is going to portray their student body. "With a student body of 4,000, BTHS represents the many faces of teenagers in Brooklyn," the school's website says. "Rich, poor, Asian, Black, White, Hispanic and everyone in between come here to learn." Sure, a lot of those students will be represented, as long as they're unbelievably hot, blonde and wealthy. The site goes on to tout the other great things about their school, none of which will ever have a chance of being shown on MTV. It reads, "BTHS…offers the inspiration, education, values and glimmer of hope that all the other public schools are lacking." Who knows about the education and stuff, but as long as the school offers some hotties making out in hot tubs, MTV will be happy.
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8 Feb 07
I totally agree with you! These shows catch my interest! I'm not going to lie...but I think I like to watch them more to criticize them on how materialistic and bone-headed some of these people who are on the shows really are, rather than for the entertainment values.....which I do still find them entertaining when they fight over the dumbs things they fight over and take each other's boyfriendS! MTV knows what people like to can only fit so much into a one hour show but I understand what you're saying...why do all the hot, skinny blonde chicks get all the glory if we're trying to talk about academic decathalons, good books and philosophy??!!