How to properly plan a trip to USA?

February 8, 2007 12:47am CST
This is my first time planning a trip like tis to somewhere so far, so im seeking the advice of all those who have travelled to USA before. My trip will start from NYC, and i will be going back from LA. I intend to make 2 stops in the middle, and i of the places i have decided to stop by will be California for the Redwoods! I have one more place i can visit, and im sure what to select. Also, anyone wants to tell me what i should do to start planning for my trip? i intend to go for a free and easy trip.
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@vertex (803)
• Philippines
8 Feb 07
Well its most probably that you will prepare a lot of money because we know that a trip to USA will cost expensive than we expect. We will consider our food and shelter there and our trips. So better get ready for an expensive trip and be happy.
• Singapore
10 Feb 07
Thank you for your advice.
@ssh123 (31086)
• India
8 Feb 07
I had been to USA and visited most cities on east coast. I do not know from what country you are travelling to US. Any kind of visa is difficult to get from US embassy (except for those in UK and Europe) 1. Make a budget air ticket (to and fro) 2. Get visa 3. List out places you want to visit USA and see whether there is a flight connection. 4. YOu can buy visitUSA (visit ooza) tickets in your country which is 50% cheaper. Check with your agent. Even Amtrek tickets are available cheaper if you buy in your country (dates can be confirmed later when you are in US). 5. Take international membership in YMCA/ International Youth Hostels. Accommodation will be cheaper by 50 to 75%. I hardly paid $10 per day in youth hostels and YMCA. 6. Keep less luggage 7. Whatever unsolicited materials you get like catalogues, travalogue literature, do not allow it to pile up. Send it by surface mail back home. 8. Look out for friends who are working in big companies they will have free passes for meseums and sight seeing places (some meseums charge $10 entrance fee). 9. Look out for specialized breakfast centtres which provide breakfast for $3 or less. 10. Buy a book entitled how to live in US for $5 per day!!! All things given in that may not be workable. Some definitely work. Try to travel by air late in the night so that you can stay at air port and save the cost of lodging. Use the public transport like railways instead of buses or taxis which are expensive. For eg. From Lagardia Airport you have train services to many parts of New york. Similarly from Orlando air port to many places there are trains. Do not go for shopping, because most of the items are chinese made. Americans stopped manufacturing most of the items from days of Kennedy or earlier!! Do not enter restaurants which have services by bearers. Tip is expensive and food rates are expensive. Deli, mcdonalds are better.