What does teamwork mean to you?

February 8, 2007 2:05am CST
I work in a large company. Often we have projects involving various departments. It is the job of the project manager to gather the whole team and to carry out the assignment efficiently. Here is where teamwork is vital. How do you have teamwork in what you are doing. What kind of obstacles or problem do you encounter. What is your suggestion in enhancing team building?
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@aneer72 (179)
• India
8 Feb 07
Team work is the main requirement for any project to be successful. Large projects which need many people to work in unison towards a said goal will require all of them to wrok as a team. Each one doing his work and thus helping the others in acheiving the project goals. A good leader is necessary for a good team. The leader should sholder the responsibility of building a team. He is one who can insist a change in the system towards the positive since he would not be a leader if he is not accepted by all in the team.
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• Malaysia
8 Feb 07
Yes, what you mentioned is true. Each one of the team member plays an important role. A good leader is like an anchor where the rest will link to. Everyone has their own role to play and not one is more important than others. That's teamwork to me.
@yanjiaren (9050)
8 Feb 07
good communications skills is the main medium..lots of briefings..as that clears out alot of grievances..one to one chats with the rest of the staff..barianstorming sessions..this makes everyone feel they are part of the process..and sharing a good cuppa tea or coffree together..a meal with the group is an excellent team builder..
• Malaysia
9 Feb 07
Communications is one of the most vital key to good teamwork. I have been in situations where poor communications jeopardized the whole projects. That's why the leader is the most important anchor where all lines of communications must flow to and fro. You have a very good point here in your response.