Sadam's Head on Sexy Girl's Body

@ainee82 (618)
February 8, 2007 2:09am CST
I have seen dozens of ads in the internet about funny pictures. I have seen Sadam Hussein's head on a girl's body side by side with Bin Laden's head on another sexy lady's body. In some ways this could be funny. But after the execution of Sadam Hussein. Shouldn't that mean he has paid for it already? That he has been hanged out of justice for the people he has wronged. However I know that most people would say he deserved a far worst execution than that. But then again.. correct me if i'm wrong: If a guilty person has been sentenced for 30 years and after 30 years he had finished his sentence isn't he considered paid or another innocent man on the road? if this is the case, if you died throu execution and have already been put to his deserving humiliation shouldn't we stop picking on him and pick on somebody else like bin laden for instance? I'm not muslim or anything. I just think, enough with Sadam and on with Laden! Don't you guys agree? Do you still think that Sadam's weird pictures are funny? Is it really funny to joke on a dead guy?
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