?????How to Say "I Love You"??????

February 8, 2007 2:52am CST
Are you ready to take the plunge and introduce that most romantic phrase into your relationship`s dialogue? Now here are some advice ^_^ Step 1:Decide if you do,indeed, love your mate.Most partners can see through a halfhearted 'love ya'-which won`t do your relationship any good. Step 2:Consider the possibility that your partner might not respond with the hoped-for 'I Love you, too.' If you can handle that and still want to express your love,go for it.If you can`t ,then consider holding off until either you`re certain your partner will respond as hoped or you are OK with it if he or she doesn`t. Step 3:Think about how you`d like to let your partner know the way you feel,keeping in mind that uttering those words may give birth to a lifelong memory. If spontaneity works for you,wait for the perfect moment.If you`re more methodical,consider writing a love letter first,then telling your mate in person the next time you get together. Step 4:If you decide in advance when to reveal your love,plan a special evening around it.Such relationship milestones warrant celebration. Step 5:When you tell your partner you love him or her,do so while making total eye contact,and while you are holding each other.This gives the moment the intimacy it deserves. Tips & Warnings: Avoid saying the 'L' word for the first time in the heat of passion-your partner may doubt the sincerity of your proclamation. Best Wishes! ^_^
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8 Feb 07
I Love You - .
very simple, just say only three words "I love you"
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