does personality means everything

July 5, 2006 11:39am CST
does personality means every thing
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@didi13 (2926)
• Romania
9 Jun 11
"The true personality of an individual is playing the way they treat a person can not offer anything in return" (Ann Landers) Sometimes all that we have the potential situations in our life does not allow us to express or even to have achievements. Things or people ... I say people, because many of us are victims of those who have learned all about fear, but not to combat but to use in achieving their goals through manipulation. Then there is the danger of comparison with others, which will make us unhappy because we will never be identical, or make our lives as well as personality will be built after the pattern of the person with whom we compare ourselves, Thus although we are not ourselves. Others build their personality around other people, undermining it, taking from them all you can use, but also hinting that they are protectors, and is due to them all. Does it matter then that we associate group. Gossip is a fact that unites the group? You will be trained to gossip subtly, without realizing how destructive discussions will slide downhill. This will tear down. It will corrode personality. So what could be the things that make us unique in the world? Perhaps innate gifts which we-are only ours! The capacity to make sustainable links ... power to provide unconditional love ... We educate and educate, to create for others to enjoy, to see a gleam of excitement in their eyes, but we do not sign creation. Perhaps this comes from our satisfaction and fulfillment!
• United States
5 Jul 06
I am not sure in what context that you are asking the question but let me ask you this...Have you ever seen an absolutely beautiful person and then talked to them only to find out they had no sense of humor, weren't fun to be with and had a negetive attitude? The opposite is also true. Someone could appear ordinary but have a great personality, then you become attracted to who they really are and not just how they look on the outside.