my uncle...........getting sandwitched between his boss and his employees

February 8, 2007 6:52am CST
my uncle have been getting a lot of complaints recently from his boss about the consistent tardiness of his work group.the time-sheet record indicates that his people's average start up time is about ten minutes late.while he have never been concerned about the tardiness problem,his boss is really getting upset.he points out that the tardiness reduces the amount of production time and delays the start up of the assembly line. he realize that the tardiness is a type of avoidance behaviour-it delays the start of a very boring job. his work group is very cohesive i.e. members of the group are very attached to one-another and each of the members will follow what the group wants to do. one of the informal leaders of the group seems to spend a lot of time getting the group into trouble. he want the grou[p to come in on time,but he don't really want a confrontation on the issue because,frankly,he don't think it is important enough to risk getting everyone upset with him............. so he can't understand what to do to cope up with this situation and he is thinking whether this cohesiveness is responsible for the widespread tardyness in this group ........................ all advices are required with warm welcome......
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