Education is very stressful. What are your view on this? Can this stress reduce?

February 8, 2007 7:53am CST
It is very evident athat education is becoming very stressful. What do you think? This discussion is to post your views about your educational systems and come to a conclusion about how this stress can be reduced. Describe your educational system and the amount of stress involved
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@ssh123 (31096)
• India
8 Feb 07
Young people find education is a nuisance.But when it comes to job, they do not find good job, because they lack education. For that matter they complain that education is a stressful. Tomorrow they comlain job is stressful. If they do not do exercise, walking becomes stressful. If they cannot do it with a woman, body becomes stressful. Today's youth lack commitment and challenge.
• India
8 Feb 07
@cheerldr (594)
• Philippines
11 Feb 07
Yes, it is. Going to school every, with the same routine, is really stressful. But after all, it'll be all worth it. All the stresses you felt will be paid off soon after you finished school.