Balancing between 'living for today', and 'living for tomorrow'

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February 8, 2007 11:00am CST
Do you think its possible to find a balance between the two? Here's my situation: My husband and I are doing our very best to balance the two, but it's becoming very hard. He works on his home business constantly so that we'll be able to live a great, profitable life in the next few years. But I keep telling him that all the time that he is putting on the business is stressing him out and taking time away from his family. He says he's doing it so that one day, we will have the time and money to do whatever we want. But I remind him that we may not be here tomorrow and that we need to live everyday like it's our last. I just know he would feel horrible if, God forbid, something happened to our daughter and he wasn't there for her last day because he was locked up in his office instead of playing with on the floor.
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@sylvrrain (659)
• United States
8 Feb 07
There is one thing I have learned over the years, when the kids grow up, they are grown. You can not relive those years and get them back. I understand his goal of making your future financially stable, but what about the life he is missing out on. Maybe he could set aside work for a few hours each evening to spend with you and your daughter. If he was working outside the home, he would be able to leave work and have time for his family, so he should be able to do that even if he is working in a home office. Maybe you can offer to help him with typing, filing, etc. That would free up more of his time and give him to chance to spend more time with his daughter. Also, talk to him about investing any extra money into an interest bearing account. We all love compounded interest. The money grows, and you earn interest on top of interest. He will reach his goals faster, and still be able to spend time with his family.