My most Determined Mom!

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February 8, 2007 12:04pm CST
Hello, I wish to tell you guys about my mom. She is 63 years old and was born with Cerebral Palsy. She fought all her life to prove to people that she was not retarded and that not everyone with Cerebral Palsy is retarded. Her own parents did not want her because they thought she would grow up retarded. She was raised in orphanages and in foster homes. By the time she was 14 they pulled all her top teeth because they thought she was not aware enough to make anything of her life and in the 50's it was cheaper to pull her teeth then give her good dental care. When she became a young adult she met my dad and they got married. She was told she would never have children, again she proved everyone wrong. Her first child a son, died soon after birth, but my mom didn't give up. She always wanted a blood relative who would love her and so that's how I came to be. She truly wanted me and I am so glad she did! Every thing was going good until my dad wondered away from her and started looking at other women. That was when I was 8 years old, they divorced and mom would work at whatever job she could get. When I was in High school in 1990 my mom contracted encephalitis. She was in ICU and they thought she would die. I was 16 years old. I was terrified and did not know where to turn. The doctors and nurses allowed me to stay with her even giving me a cot to sleep on next to here bed. Mom stayed in ICU for a few weeks and then was transfered to progressive care. I would take her hand and hold it and we would pray together, she was conscious but could not use her arms and legs. She was partially paralyzed. She remained in progressive care for 3 months and then went to a rehabilitation center for Therapy to teach her how to help herself. after 3 months more of rehab she was not able to do much like feed herself and walk and dress herself. The doctors told me to place her in a nursing home. I told them that no one was going to put my mom in a nursing home. So I took her home and we went about our daily life with me aiding her and having a nurse to the house three times a week. I took care of her the best I could while finishing my high school at home. The next doctor visit the doctor told her she would never walk or help herself again. My mom turned to him and said: "just watch me, I will walk again." My mom then became very serious and tried hard to deal with things. She concentrated on helping others worse off then she was. You see my mom has great faith in God and she would telephone people just to share a positive message and to make the other persons life easier. You see my mom is a minister of God and she still to this day helps others. She volunteers her time to help any who want to learn about God. She remained in the wheel chair from the end of 1990- 1997. When she returned to the doctor and the doctor told her he did not know what she was doing but to keep doing it . Mom just said with a smile on her face, "I am just preaching the good news and finding the positive in my situation. Mom is still preaching and still has disabilities but she is remarkable to me in her determination of doing what she makes up her mind to do. She has taught me four major things in life. 1- Never doubt the help God offers to us, if we have and place our faith and trust in the one who has Created us, he knows our bodies better then we do or any doctor does. What man can't fix, God can! 2- Whatever we want to do in life we can if we have determination and a positive attitude. 3- We need to want to help others and stop feeling sorry for our lot in life. When my mom stopped feeling sorry for her lot in life, she made good improvements. 4 Being positive works good for others and in the long run works what is good towards ourselves. Thank you for reading this, Jadona2006
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@gberlin (3836)
24 Feb 07
I wish they had a higher rating than just a '+'. Your mom is truly inspiring. And, as the saying goes like mother, like daughter, you have truly followed in your mother's footsteps. She must be so proud of you. I too will pray for your family as God continues to bless you. I am so glad that you shared this story. I believe God led me to this story. I teach high school students and I like to read them inspirational stories. I will definitely be sharing this story with them. Thank you, again for the inspirational story!
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25 Feb 07
Hello Gberlin, I am so pleased that other's like yourself have been inspired with my mom's story. I hope though that you will correct any grammar errors before sharing it with your students. :) I was not the greatest student in school. I know that many young ones are not really aware of the realities out there in life, and yet if this story in any way gives just one young person the courage and strength and determination to push forward in their life, they will accomplish great things. I always thought that being a care giver, I would never be able to move forward in my life, but how wrong I was. I was able to finish school, and also to finish two years of college and now am working for the City. I don't have to tell you that it is a great job. I have great pay and benefits and even the flexibility to care for my mom if she needs me. (Between you and me, my mom is actually caring for me. She is now walking again, and she even is able to cook. When I come home from work, dinner is on the table.. Now That is determination!) I tell you this because I wanted to make sure that you understand the reason for my sharing this story. I want all out there to know and understand, that no matter what life deals us, we can get through it if we are determined and positive about the situation we are in. We must always look for the positive, it is there we just need to find it. Once we find that positive thing in our life, we need to build on it. Then we top the positive with determination, love and respect for others, but most of all God's Help. With these we can move mountains. Here is the solution to any situation. Find the positive in our life. Build on that positive. Always have love and respect for others. And never forget to seek God's help in all things. I thank you for your reply. Take care, Jadona2006 (Judy)
@Bee1955 (3885)
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8 Feb 07
Let me put down the tisue box I grabbed halfway reading your letter! What an endearing story of courage and selflessness - and I'm talking about you! Thank you for this discussion of inspiration and God Bless your mom for teaching you by example how to stand up in the world. All our prayers will be for you and your mom. Dont stop here, keep writing us updates on what goes on with you two.
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9 Feb 07
Hello Bee1955, I will and thank you for your kind words. I am so pleased that my story of my mom was inspirational to you. She has inspired me for my years and now I want to pass on what she has taught me to others. I wanted to share this story about my mom because she is who gives me the strength to keep going even when things get rough. I love her so much. I just married 3 years ago and my mom lives with us. My husband is so loving and he truly cares about mom. When he kisses me goodbye in the morning and heads to work he kisses mom on the head and tells her he loves her. When I leave for work I tell her to keep out of trouble because she makes a lot of phone calls and now that she can walk she goes to others who are sick and share with them what happened to her and that if they truly want to get better, they must keep trying, and with God's help they will feel better soon. The latest thing my mom is now into is she gets a list of all the agencies that are from the city, state, and government that are suppose to help people who are sick and disabled. Some in the neighborhood need walkers, or wheel chairs, or someone to cook for them and help them with daily living activities, she gets on the phone and keeps calling these agencies until she finds help for any who need it. The other day a congregation member passed out and fell in the street, my mom went to the hospital and sat with his wife all day and until about 10 o'clock at night. People from the neighborhood who can't pay for their medication, mom will call all the local agencies who are suppose to help the disabled and she will call and call until they get tired of hearing from her and then they offer to help the person who need that help. I will let you know what happens as time goes on. Thank you for your prayers and I will update everyone soon. Take care and God bless you, Jadona2005