Racial discrimination should be banned or not???+

@addy4all (638)
February 8, 2007 1:28pm CST
my people in today`s world are still facing racial discrimination in one way or the other...let it be directly or indirectly....so what do u think about it???according to me its a bad thing and shud be banned everywhere.....
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• Philippines
8 Feb 07
It is not a realistic thing to ban racial discrimination because it is not a habit nor is it a thing which one can just scrap like that. Racial discrimination emanates from the heart. It is a feeling of hatred, or extreme dislike, of not being able to accept people of some color or race. A law can be passed covering schools, eateries, parks and other places to accommodate everyone regardless of color or race. This makes all services available for everyone, alright. But no one can pass a law which says, everyone must feel brotherly and lovingly to the coloreds. That is impossible. Who can judge anyone's heart? Who has the capability to evaluate anyone's heart? Nobody.
@skivveez (38)
• United States
8 Feb 07
I think racial discrimination and racism are terrible, and hope that we will eventually not even have to have this discussion because racism is such an absurd belief. For an interesting current event related to this issue, check out a discussion I recently started, there's a prof at my school on hunger strike to protest racism in the faculty.
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