do you go for looks, brain, or body?

@blee92 (581)
United States
February 8, 2007 3:44pm CST
when you are looking for a partner, which one would you look for in someone? i'm curious to know what you think.
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• Morocco
11 Feb 07
i look for brain and body at the same time! body is important its true! but brain is realy more important than body! but if someone has the brain and the body so he would be perfect and all we know that there is novbody perfect in the world so brain is much important than body in my opinion
@rx4life (1932)
• United States
10 Feb 07
In my life I have never been attracted to just one of these things..a person is so much more than can be evaluated by any of them individually...for me it is the essence of the entire being..and I think that each of those qualities is affected by the other..if you meet a person with an exquisite brain, you may be so attracted to the connection of the intellect that it enhances the physical body or looks..I truly believe in soul connections and think that they blur the lines of the physical being...not to say a person can't or shouldn't enjoy these things individually...I suppose it may speak to whether one is open to the spirit of another as to whether they can recognize the total person and overlook the gait, ear shape, neck length, eye color, skin tone, body size, hairstyle, tooth color and instead be mindful of the warmth of spirit, spark of light in the personality,depth of gaze,and welcoming aura..We are sum totals of these things and to isolate any one is to fog the mirror we gaze into when we encounter another human being being human....Would I love to think my husband was wowed by me when he met me or when he saw me this morning fresh from sleep? Of course...but the reality is his mind's eye keeps me imaged well because his soul touches mine and mine embraces his....With this connection we look beyond the surface and revel in the depth of each other...
@sriragv (422)
• India
9 Feb 07
Brains will have the top priority,coz u cant spend ur whole life with dumb heads,even if they possess head turning beauty.
• Australia
9 Feb 07
Brains. When I can connect to someone on an intellectual level its way better.
@ster1234 (81)
• United States
8 Feb 07
I agree that is a mixture of all three. Although physical attraction is definitely important, if you are attracted to someone's brain/personality, looks may not seem so significant. In the long run, I think having a great connection with someone's brain or personality will create a much longer lasting relationship than if you are just attracted to their looks or body.
8 Feb 07
It is a mixture of things for me. There has to be some kind of attraction or else the partnership won't work, but that doesn't mean they have to be good looking in the traditional way just be attractive to me. I do need someone on the same wavelength as me with similar thoughts and ideals and that is more important to me than looks for a long term relationship, but if there isn't that initial attraction then I probably wouldn't start talking to them in the first place.