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February 8, 2007 4:18pm CST
my man is the king of procrastination. last weekend i cleaned up his room which looked like a junk shop and i managed to collect a big bag of garbage. i told him to throw it out. when i went back to his place on wednesday, the bag's still in his room. probably when i go back this weekend it's still there. he's been jobless for a few months now, and i opened up a jobstreet account for him. i check his emails to see if he gets any job offers and he actually gets a lot. i always tell him to open up his email and send out his resume to these companies since he has internet at home, but he's not able to do that until now. and when i ask him if he sent out his resume he's be all stubborn and will tell me to stop telling him what to do. two weeks ago he met with his friend who's the manager of a Starbucks branch and he was given a Starbucks application with his manager's friend's name there as a reference. it's a sure hire. only, my man had left the application lying around in the house for a week and couldn't even find the time to fill it out. i don't know what the hell he does at home all day. when i told him last weekend to fill it out he said he didn't have a good pen. i said he has so many excuses and he went all stubborn again. this week he promised he will go back to starbucks to give the application and also send out his resumes by email but when i called him last night so far he hasn't done anything yet. i told him, "it;s already friday tomorrow." and he became a jerk again saying "i know it's friday tomorrow!!" i also had the same problem with my ex who always delays everything. why are men like this? do you have similar stories???
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9 Feb 07
Here's a tip: Dump him. Or give him an ultimatim that he should stop procrastinating things. Especially the job search. There are thousands of people looking for jobs right now and for him to delay that much is a crime. Anyway, some men are like this because probably their mom took care of everything for them all their lives. They always relied on other people to do things for them. It is a sad theory but it is true.