Help - I Can't stay motivated to lose weight and exercise

February 8, 2007 4:53pm CST
OK, here's my problem, I am trying to lose weight but lack any motivation to Get out of bed and exercise. I have various dvds to follow all of which look interesting... I have a copy of a home circuit that some of my friends are following with great success... but I just can't be bothered. I've tried using a rewards system, when i reach 'X' i can have / do ...... I've tried marking the days I exercise on a calendar but as soon as the Non-exercise days outnumber the exercise ones for the week I Give up. Has anyone got any suggestions to help keep me motivated?
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@sylvrrain (659)
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8 Feb 07
Beat the system. Everyone says you have to work out for 30 minutes 3 or more times a week. They say fast walking is a great form of exercise, just combine the two. A few changes in your life will solve this problem. When parking in a parking lot, park in the farthest spot possible to where you are going. Use a push mower to cut your grass, hang out your laundry on a clothes line, sweep or vaccum at least a couple times a week. Think of things that you do everyday, and try to think of the best way to make it more strenuous. I know that sounds kinda strange, with everyone trying to make their lives easier, but think about some of our ancestors, most of them were in pretty good shape. Another little tip that works for me...wear a belt around your waist. It will help you to remember to keep your stomach muscles tightened. This helps to tone your stomach and it is great for your posture. As for dieting, eat all day. Eat healthy snacks all day long. You will never feel hungry, so you won't binge eat, and you won't be tempted to grab something to munch on that may not be so good. Stay away from "white" foods. Potatoes, rice, sugar, bread. This diet plan works, and if you stick to it, your metabolism will change and you will have more energy. That will cause you to lose weight. Do not be hard on yourself, remember being happy and healthy are the important things.
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13 Feb 07
The best thing to do is forget about the diets, just cut out as much junk foods, and sweets. What I did to lose 40 pounds was to sign up for a half-marathon. That got me motivated when I spent my $50, told everyone I was doing it, and they told me "yeah right!". - Sign up for something you'll need to train for, and possibly join a group or get a workout partner. - Stress will also keep on the weight, so loose the stress - Don't weigh yourself too much - Muscle weighs more than fat, so as you excercise you will gain before you loose.