@MsTickle (25214)
February 8, 2007 5:27pm CST
Have you read the myLot Guidelines? As I wade through discussions it becomes obvious to me that many have not done so. Or perhaps they choose to disregard them. I've read them several times. Do you always read the terms and conditions before you download things? Do you check the privacy terms? I admit I don't ...I just hit that button "I accept". Sometimes these terms are very long winded and written in legalese. (This is legal jargon or to put it in its simplest form - written so the every day kind of person has difficulty making sense of it.) But the myLot guidlines are important and easy to read and understand. If you hope to do well at this site and/or enjoy your time here...please read them. This is a really fabulous place to spend time, write your thoughts, get a point across, and meet people and make new friends. Do the right thing....okay!
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@Demonix (294)
• Canada
9 Feb 07
I admit at most I skimmed through the guidelines, in short the key is respect, and I have also noticed that there is a lot of lack there of around, but what can we do, its hard to change the attitude of lots of people
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@byfaithonly (10715)
• United States
9 Feb 07
I read the mylot guidelines and agree there are some very obvious either don't care or didn't read. I am still a bit nervous though. I too enjoy this place and don't want to break any rules. Now will the ones who haven't read them do so after they read this message? Or will they merely post "yea me to" and move on to the next discussion?
@gabs8513 (48703)
• United Kingdom
11 Mar 07
I think there are a lot joining lately that do ignore them, they do not care about the loyal Members that have beenhere a while and lately there is verbal abuse being thrown at loyal Members, so I think a lot of them just do not bother or you have the ones that do not understand them.
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@meljessxena (2316)
• Australia
11 Feb 07
i have read the guidelines for mylot and also believe that to many people dont read the guidelines and are breaking the rules, but what can mylot do about it, as they cant really keep up with every message posted. and mylot old posts and silly posts need to be deleted i think, especially the ones that are repeated all the time
@emeraldisle (13139)
• United States
7 Apr 07
I see so often discussions and responses that are against the guidelines and not just done by newbies to mylot but by members who have been here for a while. I read the guidelines and I try to check them periodically in case they changed or I missed something. I don't like to mess up on things like that but also I don't want to lose earnings because I posted wrong or posted to a discussion that will be deleted.