Child Birth

@sarori (83)
October 12, 2006 1:48am CST
How woul you feel when you see your child immediately after he/she is born?
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• United States
18 Oct 06
Well I can speak from experiance! I have two children, with the first it was a shock, I couldn't believe that this human being had really just come from my body and was now here in the room with me breathing and crying. It was scary I now had another life other than my own that I was responsible for. And it was pure love! With my son it was thank GOD that is over! LOL I had a hard labor with him, the same feelings were there as they had been with my daughter although that shock wasn't there. I felt like I could handle him, I had another one at home and she was turning out just fine, I hadn't killed her. But, more than anything it is just an awsome instant love!
@sarori (83)
• India
18 Oct 06
absolutely. I think a mother can only express what you have and am sure all will share the sentiments.
10 Oct 08
Hey Friends, I think that some women choose to give birth using no medications at all, relying instead on relaxation techniques and controlled breathing for pain. With natural childbirth, the mother is in charge, usually with a labor assistant gently guiding and supporting her through the stages of labor. What do you think friends please post your comments