Our camera bag was stolen :(

@atisha (79)
February 8, 2007 9:19pm CST
Amsterdam is beautiful. Our trip there was so meaningful as it was our first see and feel snow at Delft. Its was awesome. We really enjoyed ourselves but there was a sad story to it. Our camera bag was stolen. Our camera bag contains a camera, a videocam and some new films. It goes like this, we spent 2 nights in Rotterdam and we went back to Amsterdam to spent our last week there. We were at the train station and our bags were actually in between us and there was a guy who's asking for direction and after we 'helped' him, we noticed our bag was gone. We make a police report and the best part was, the policeman told us it's a common case...hehe..Luckily i've put all our 'used' film in our big luggage. It was an experience and memories that we will not and cannot forget. Whatever happen, we still would LOVE to visit Amsterdam again. This time in SUMMER! So if you guys have any similar incident or anything nice happened in Amsterdam, come and share with us here:)
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@ladyjava (1185)
• Malaysia
9 Feb 07
Oh dear. We are fortunate coz things like this have never happened to us and I hope will never happen to us either especially when in a foreign country. Anyway, it is good that you did not let that bad experience affected your travel in any way. I've never been to Amsterdam but would wish to visit it one day :)
@SeANi0W (80)
6 Feb 09
Im am so sorry to hear that you had a bad experience in Amsterdam. It is a lovely place, but like all big cities it does have its crime. A few years ago I was walking down one of the streets not far from the red light District and saw two women (right in front of me) get two of their bags snatched. There were two police officers about ten metres from the crimes and they really didnt do much at all to prevent the man who stole the bags from getting away. He ran off into one of the alleyways and they followed ... but not attempting to run or catch the guy... they just calmly walked down the alley,, but by this time the man had long gone. The two women who were the victims of this crime were old ladies. My advice to anyone travelling to any big city is: Never take out more money than you need. If you can help it , leave passports and cards (credit-debit) in your hotel or appartment. If you have an expensive camera - for gods sake - dont put it in a camera bag on your shoulder - there are opportunists every where - if they see a big camera bag on you shoulder, the chances are theres an expensive camera in their!! Always - report any crimes or losses to the police - get your crime number - claim it on your holiday insurance. Hope everyone found this useful
• Singapore
3 May 07
Hi atisha, I've been to Amsterdam before and it's a great place and the red-light district was definitely an eye-opener. Really sorry about your bag being stolen. I understand it's kinda a personal thing - it's the device that's been tagging along with you for all your trips and I bet you would have some good memories with it. On the other hand, maybe now you can consider that spanking digital camera!