What happened tonight? I forgot to tape Survivor!

@randyw (216)
Russell, Kansas
February 8, 2007 10:14pm CST
We didn't have our DVR set for Survivor: Fiji. It was still set for Survivor: Cook Islands, and it didn't tape. Ahhhhhh! Did we miss anything exciting? Is this season going to be any good?
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• United States
15 Feb 07
You can actually go to cbs.com and watch the entire episode for free. I do watch it there when we aren't going to be home. I used to do the same for Big Brother All-stars. I am hoping that they will add Amazing Race this season to the many on demand shows. Hope this helps and maybe you can go and catch a glimpse of what you missed.
@all4ucnc (861)
• United States
9 Feb 07
I think this going to be a good one, they all were on the same island for a couple days, given instructions and the lumber to build a sweet shelter. Then came the first challenge. They were asked who they thought became the leader, then that person got to separate them into teams. She was then shipped off the exile island with sea snakes (at least time around the leader, or know it all is given a chance to play the game, without being voted off first) The winners of the challenge got to stay at the island with the actual shelter and the losers were sent to another island with nothing but a knife and pot. The only aligance was broken righ away as Jessica (an aligance of 3) was voted out.
@EZEdgar (233)
• United States
9 Feb 07
I didn't see it either sorry. However, I did read on ewoss.com entertainment news that the person voted out might have a been a woman. The blog stated she was blindsided and it was quite a chain of events. It sounds like a classic Survivor backstabbing. Hopefully the rest of the season will go just as well.