October 12, 2006 2:10am CST
I think there is no god no allah or anything else, if there was a god why would he let jokers like terroists exist, and who said god is a man! what do you think?
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@mlmpeople (777)
• India
3 Nov 06
Where there is light,there is darkness too.Like shadow under a lamp, the darkness co-exists. You shall know them by their fruit. Those who are against killings are at Gods' side. Those who promote love are God's people. Those who promote hateredness and killing are at the opposit side. When God has created human beings will he like killing and bloodshed of His own children ?
@somesh1984 (1299)
• India
12 Oct 06
Hmmmmmmm...thats a topic that can earn u good points...........get going dude
12 Oct 06
A belief in a system of religion extends much more than religion, to some people it is a vital part of life, it inspires them to do good deeds. It also gives them strength. Extremists are found anywhere, not just in religion, video-games have extremists where one reproduces a scene from a game, films included. You can’t lambaste an entire population devoted to something on the behaviour of people that really don’t meet the criteria of the system they allegedly draw justification from.