Idea I had to make money

United States
February 8, 2007 11:28pm CST
I was thinking about starting a walking tour in my city. I live downtown right by three major hotels and I have a major personal interest in the historical buildings in the immediate area. I do have a part time job, but it's in the evenings, so I was thinking about doing a walking tour of the historical buildings in the area a few days a week. There is already one that operates in the summers for 5$ a person, but they are only on weekdays. I was thinking I could do it for the same price but offer it on weekends, and offer a discount for booking and paying ahead of time online. Most tourist things only operate in the summers here, but heck I might even be willing to do it in the wintertime for groups of say 4 or more if they book it ahead of time. The building I live in has offices also and the lobby has seating and can be used for meetings and such, so I was thinking I could just start it up there since it's right by several hotels. Has anyone ever started anything like this before? Any other ideas for advertising it and making it competitive? I wouldn't want to do it full time or anything, but I thought it might be a fun way for me to make extra income. The overhead would be minimal, just a business license with the state and any printed materials, website, and advertising costs I might want.
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