its good to be true....

@playgirl (1359)
February 9, 2007 3:47am CST
why are some people get mad when you are telling the truth?
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9 Feb 07
Its all to do with tact and diplomacy. If we went around telling the truth about everything, people think we are "off the planet". Telling the truth all the time can be sometimes hurtful. Example You are shopping with a friend and they buy this outfit that looks hideous on them do you tell the truth? Well I would but with tact and diploma. Example 2 Said friends partner is dating someone else and you see them with the other person. Your friend asks you out right if you think he is dating someone else do you tell them the truth? Depends on how well you know your friend and how they will react. Example 3 Your friend is married and carrying on with someone else. You know who the other person is, and you know your friends maritual partner. Would you tell the partner [husband or wife] that their [wife-husband] is being unfaithful? Depends on whether you want to be responsible for the consequences of that behaviour. Telling the truth is not always possible, we have to decide, how they will take the truth, what are the consequences to them and to you and who is going to benefit from the truth being told.
• India
9 Feb 07
This is because, truth is truth and nothing but the truth. People get mad because there is a human psycology, Nobody like to hear negative thought about self. Nobody like to hear bad thing about self. If you say the truth, may be that is directly pointing to them or indirectly indicates his misbehaviour.... But most interesting thing is that everybody want to hear the truth, a truth not against them.
• Philippines
9 Feb 07
Maybe, the truth hurts them, scares them and they are not ready to accept negative results. Although we must always tell the truth, people wants other to lie to protect their own senses.