The wildest dream you ever had...

February 9, 2007 4:22am CST
Tell me about the wildest dream you ever had in life? Its kool, can be nything, jus say it here.....
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@gemirios (55)
• Pakistan
9 Feb 07
the wildest wiiiiildesht dream that i had wuz wen i saw my self being chased by guyz on mountain bikes and they shot me with a short range pistol (just like a TT) and it was soooo damn real that wen i woke up, i had a feeling that as if the bullet really did went all the way in my rib-cage ... that wuz soooo freaky. phewwww...
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@Lifeless (2636)
• India
9 Feb 07
There hav been many dreams which were wild, but the most scarieast of them all was the one in which i was palying cricket with all my friends at the neighbourhood park in the evening. It was quite dark then. Our side had batted and accumulated 120 runs in 25 overs. Now it was the other team's turn. I was fielding at the boundary. There was a big tree just beside where i was standing. In the next over, the batsman played the shot towards the tree that i am talking about. the ball got stuck in one of its branches. Since i was the fielder at that position, i was given the responsibility to get the ball back. I climbed the tree, got hold of the ball, and when i returned with it................ Ahemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............... I was in the middle of a large pool filled with large alligators(who were probably my frnds who had turned into those wild creatures). I threw the ball towards one of the alligators, and it pounced over me and... and then......... .. .. .. I got up............. Hw was it? Tel me abt urs???